The fact is you can make money online taking surveys or by surfing the internet

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A computer with an internet connection and half an hour of time is all that you need!

eXpert PTC was setup to show you some of the easier methods of making money online. We won't tell you that you will be making thousands only a few weeks after you start (unlike some other websites..)

It is, indeed possible to make money online and there are various different methods all of which we will explain in depth later. We have found that the hardest thing you will face when you are trying to do anything new for the first time is actually starting off, exactly what to do and when to do it. We are here to guide you and help you on your journey making money online.

Failure is impossible, we guarantee that you will make money. If your interested to know exactly how to start doing so please continue reading...

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eXpert PTC

1st May 2013 - Website Improvements.

Further website enhancements have been implemented making our site easier to use and more relevant. Our site has been tweeked, whilst the tutorial structure of our PTC sites has been totally reworked. Each of our PTC sites now has it's own individual page.

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